Solar Energy Heat      

Solar PanelsSolar Energy has become very affordable in the last few years. Home owners are finding that out and putting solar energy system on their houses.

The wholesale cost of a solar panel is about one dollar a watt. With ten 250 watt panels you can generate 2500 watts which is 2.5 kilowatts. This size system is what the average house uses. This will power you during daylight hours and you can sell excess power. Then you can buy power back from the power company at night. Add batteries if you want to store energy for when the power grid is down or you simply want to be independent from purchasing power. Off grid systems use batteries instead of a connection to the power grid.

Wholesale costs for those panels is about 2500 dollars. Components for the system add another 2500 dollars. You have install hardware, mounting frames, etc. Add 2500 dollars. An electrician to do the grid tie installation, 1000 dollars. Approximately 8500 dollars estimated D-I-Y price at wholesale cost. This way you can keep the price way down if you purchase the system yourself and hire an installer if needed. All warranties still apply to the equipment when you buy it yourself. Your investment is for 2.5 kw for 8500 dollars with system life of 25 years.

Is it really that easy and inexpensive? Yes and No. You have to have carpentry and electrical skills to put the panels on your roof. To do it yourself you have to fundamentally understand electricity to hook the panels, inverter and other equipment. There are diagrams and instructions included with the equipment so half the job is simply hooking up what you see. Do not do any wiring unless you have the skills and knowledge to be safe. We offer guidance and tips for the do-it-yourself person that has the necessary skills. If you do not have these skills hire a certified installer. Even if you are not technically skilled to do it, knowing the basics and prices helps you get the best deal.

Why do I need to know this? The system we suggested above cost 3.40 per watt. The industry standard for installed cost averages to 6.00 per watt. Just like with any other D I Y project you reap enormus savings.

Can YOU do it? Learn more from our video.